Design a comprehensive assessment system that uses an engaging sequence of tightly-aligned formative, performance, and summative assessments to help students learn in a brand new way.

Meet Classrack, a digital gallery of thoughtfully-crafted and classroom-tested assessments that lead to deeper learning for each and every student.


Targeted Assessments

Measure Progress and Communicate Learning for Each Student

We backwards map each step of the Learner’s Journey to create a deep library of formative, performance, and summative assessments that track learning and are tightly aligned to standards and objectives to prepare students for externally-validated assessments.

External Hosting + Scoring

Externally-validated summative assessments

Achieve more reliability by using our externally-validated assessment platform to measure and communicate final mastery. We align our summative assessments directly to your formative and performance assessments to offer a more accurate skills test that can be used to communicate competency and offer credit.

Empowered Communities

Take pride in your local learning community

We know that standardized tests aren’t really designed for teachers and students. We think the number of competencies that students master during the year is a much better measure of success. We help schools communicate a better signal of student learning by sharing competency certificates and success data with your community in a meaningful way.

Teaching Fellows | Colt and Sage

Design Academy Classes

Learn how to use the LX Design framework

All members of the design team enroll in our online Design Academy classes to learn how to use LX Design to create authentic and reliable formative and performance assessments for each of your students.

How it Works




We start by using your local or common core standards to craft a detailed Learner’s Journey in order to map every learning target your students need to know to be confident and successful.




We use each element of the Learner’s Journey to create a diverse and deep bank of several formative assessments that give your students agency over how they demonstrate their learning.




We build your performance assessments directly from your formatives to ensure that you’re measuring the same targets your students have been learning all along.




We provide you with an externally-hosted platform for your summative assessments, offering you the validity and reliability you need to communicate final mastery to your learning community.

Want to Increase Learning?

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